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...You think you can write?

So...you think you can write?
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A creative, competitive community for writers
Welcome to loveletters
A rating community for writers.

Why you'll love loveletters:

It'll get you writing
At loveletters we provide you with weekly writing prompts, a monthly prompt competition and useful feedback from members, all designed to get you writing often, and well. You are also required to accumulate 75 points each month to remain active in the community. You can get points by posting your writing, responding to writing prompts, and winning our monthly awards -- best writer, best contributor and best critiquer. This will encourage you to write regularly, as well as providing you with the necessary feedback to develop your work.

You'll get useful feedback on your work
At loveletters we encourage members to critique each other's work. This means you'll learn how to develop your work to its maximum potential. You'll also learn valuable critiquing skills as you give feedback on others' work.

It's competitive
To become a member, you fill out an application along with samples of your writing and critiquing. The members vote on your application, and if you receive 60% yes votes, you're in. Do you have what it takes to get in?

Once you're a member, you can compete in challenges and monthly competitions, and try for one (or all three!) of the member of the month spots. But we only have limited space at loveletters. Every month, we hold compulsory vote-offs to keep the community down to 10 members. Each member votes for the two people they think should leave the community, ensuring only the most productive, passionate writers remain. Do you have what it takes to stay?

You'll get the encouragement you deserve
Each month you can go for either (or all three!) of the member of the month spots -- best contributor, best critiquer, and best writer as voted by the members. If you win, you get the satisfaction of having your work acknowledged, as well as a mention in our userinfo. You'll also get a badge to put on your LJ profile, and 30 points towards next month's points total.

...and you'll get it all in a friendly, fun atmosphere
At loveletters we encourage a sense of community, respect, support, and friendly competition. We develop our own work while developing together.

Join now. To find out how to join, read the rules below.

We're working on putting this place together. Keep checking back, and if you have any questions or comments, please email us at lovelettersmods@gmail.com.

Members of the Month.

September's Member of the Month awards were all taken by ellymelly. Influenced by science, nature and Matthew Arnold, elly's writing is beautiful and accomplished and just keeps getting better. Her application received 100% yes votes, and she has been a frequent poster, critiquer and contributor. Her winning monthly competition entry can be found here: The Kissing Number

You can read more of elly's work here: ellymelly's fiction

cigaro/Andrea Anghel is a talented Romanian artist. She works in the media of photography, photomanipulation, digital art and fine art, and generously allowed us the use of her work The Little Writer. More of her work can be seen here

Like to be on this page?
Join now, and enter the monthly competition.

Community Rules.

How to Join.
+ List your full birthdate in your LiveJournal userinfo (you must be over 16 years of age to join).
+ Join this community like you would any other LJ community.
+ Wait for your joining to be approved. firstredmoon handles the memberships and it may take anywhere between 12 to 48 hours for your request to be processed. Note, your request will be rejected if you do not have your full birthdate listed in your userinfo.
+ Decide whether you would like to apply or lurk. (You can always lurk for a while, get a feel for the community, and then apply.) We recommend you lurk for a little while as many applicants do not understand the time commitment required to stay active at loveletters.

Make sure you read the rules carefully
+ You MUST be sixteen or over when you apply, and you must have your full birthdate listed in your profile.
+ Please copy and paste the application HTML below. Make sure you are posting in HTML mode and not Rich Text mode.
+ Post your best work in your application. First drafts are fine, but they should be of a reasonable standard.
+ Do not edit your application after it goes live without the permission of a mod.
+ Deleting your application without the permission of a mod = immediate ban.
+ Do not post other people's work and try to pass it off as your own. We will know if you do so.
+ To show that you've read the rules properly, please put "new voice" in the subject line of your application, and "critique me" as the LJ cut text. This means replace "i didn't read the rules" with "critique me".
+ Your application will remain live for 72 hours to give everyone a chance to vote on it. After this you will be stamped either 'accepted' or 'rejected' according to the votes you received. Members will vote 'yes', 'no', or 'sway'. If a member votes 'sway' they will ask you a question, and you should answer it to the best of your ability. After you answer, they will change their vote to a 'yes' or a 'no'.

+ Be nice. This is the most important. Of course, give your criticisms, but make them constructive. Any rudeness, drama or abuse will result in a warning, and if we receive a subsequent complaint about your behaviour, you will be banned.
+ You must accumulate 75 points per month to remain active. New members must accumulate 30 points. If you fail to do so, you will receive a warning. If you receive two warnings for any reason, you will be removed from the community. See below for details on how to gain points.
+ At loveletters we do compulsory vote-offs and compulsory members of the month votes. This means each month you will be required to vote for the two people who you think should leave the community, giving a reason with your vote. You are also required to vote for the two members you think made the best effort during the month. See the vote-off and members of the month voting booths for more information. If you do not vote, you will receive a warning. Two warnings for any reason and you're out of the community.
+ You must have your critiquing hat on, and we would like you to offer your honest and constructive criticism of others' work wherever possible.
+ Please tag all your entries with your username, and any other appropriate tags.
+ When voting on applications, you must bold your answer (yes, no, sway) and give a reason with your vote.
+ Put long pieces behind a cut.
+ If life is getting too busy for you to keep up with loveletters, you may go on hiatus. This means a short (less than 2 months) break from activity on loveletters. To go on hiatus, announce your intention to do so in a post to the community. Tag this post with your member tag, and 'hiatus - leaving'. When you return, announce your return in a post to the community, and tag the post with your member tag, and 'hiatus - returning'. But bear in mind that you can still be voted out while you're on hiatus! If you remain on hiatus beyond two months without consulting a mod, you will be removed from the community.
+ Promoting loveletters to others is completely optional, but we will love you forever if you do :]
+ Do not promote your community to us (but we might become affiliates with related communities). If you wish to become an affiliate, contact one of the mods.
+ Do not leave the community without announcing that you are leaving. Make a post to the community stating the reason you're leaving, and tag it with 'leaving'. If you leave without making a post, you will be banned from the community.

+ Lurkers are fine by us, but all we ask is that you're nice to people in your comments. Any trolls, fakes, or obnoxious people won't be allowed to stay.
+ You must also be 16+
+ You may not post or vote, only comment.
+ Please put 'L' in the subject line of your comments.

The Application.

Post in HTML, not Rich Text mode.


Weekly Prompt - 15 points
Weekly prompts can be answered in any form you like -- prose, poetry, lyrics, playscripts, screenplays, microfiction, non-fiction. They may be as long or short as you like, but please edit them a little before you post them. You are also encouraged to critique others' responses.

Week beginning 15 December
Write a piece about or set at Christmas.

Week beginning 8 December
Use the following words in a piece of writing: cold, grey, bald

Week beginning 1 December
A disastrous family picnic.

Monthly Prompt - 30 points
Respond to the monthly prompt. Prose pieces must be at least 500 words, poems at least 10 lines.

Montly Prompt for December.
Men with Prawns by Belinda Eaton

Monthly Prompt Competition - 5 points for entering, 30 points for winning
Be named Writer of the Month!
If you'd like to compete for the title of Writer of the Month, for a prize of 30 points towards the following month's total, post your prompt response no later than 22 December. State your intention to be included in the competition when you post your response. You are most welcome to respond to the prompt without being entered in the competition, just say so.

Post your work - 10 points
Post an edited version of something you've been working on and get useful feedback from other members.

Challenges - 10 points to the winner, deducted from the total of the loser
Use the forms below to challenge another member! There are two challenges: the writing talent challenge, and the critiquing challenge. For the writing talent challenge, post the lastest example of the work of the person you would like to challenge, and the latest example of your work. For the critiquing challenge, post the latest example of their critiquing and the latest example of yours. Members will vote and the winner gets 10 points from the loser. Each person must have at least 10 points to play.

Members of the Month - 30 points
At the end of each month members vote for the two people they think contributed most to the community that month, in the categories of best critiquer and best contributor. The winners of each category get a link to their work in our profile, and a nifty badge to put on their profile. They also get 30 points towards next month's total. Voting will run from 23-29 December and is compulsory.

Text post
Any writing-related post that isn't a prompt response or a 'post your work' post falls under this category. These are not worth points, however, you are welcome to let us know about an anthology your work is coming out in, a publication you're putting out, any upcoming competitions members might be interested in, and so on. Please don't post memes or anything that would be better in your personal journal.

More coming soon...


Post in HTML, not Rich Text mode.

Writing challenge.

Critique challenge.

Promo and profile badges.

Profile badges are here! If you'd like to promote loveletters to other communities and livejournal users, please do! If you'd like to promote to a community, make sure you find out their advertising policy first (checking their userinfo is a safe bet). Just copy+paste the html provided.

a rating community for writers
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a rating community for writers
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a rating community for writers
image by gemmylostx3

If you'd like to make us a promo badge we would love that too! Just email it to lovelettersmods@gmail.com

We are the mods.





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